Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello, Summer!

Between recitals every weekend, the worst flu since 4th grade, plans to renovate the backyard and my full time position as a headless chicken... the blog has taken a back seat. 
(more like it's strapped to the bumper).

BUT, it's my official start to summer this weekend, so I shall try :)

Big summer plans:
Brand-spankin' new fenced in back yard project starts this weekend
(cue the sunscreen and bud-light)
(possibly followed by the instillation of a 'redneck' pool if I can 'get over it' or I'm out numbered... tbd)

Dance camp-a-palooza starts in a 2 weeks
(cue the jazz hands)

Eric's Birthday

Salsa garden
(cue the tortilla chips)

Elwood's Birthday

Cape May Trip
(cue the harps, it's my heaven)

My Birthday

Grilling, grilling and more grilling
(cue BBQ deliciousness)

My Sister's Birthday

Lots & lots of workin' at the shop
(cue the pick-up truck for everything I want to buy while I 'work')

Lots of cruising Youtube, iTunes, the million post-it's I scribble and tapping into my creative brain to come up with award-winning dance concepts to one-up myself from last year's competition season.
(cue the impossible props and Eric's looming headache)

Cheers to summer!

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