Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Produce Flatbread

I have been a farmers market lovin' fool all month.  I have not been a cookin' fool, however.
Pretty much everything has been a salad, flatbread or straight up... my favorite.

I use Naan for my flatbreads. (here's the whole how-to)
This time I used peaches, zucchini, blue cheese and prosciutto.
I also brushed on a little Trader Joe's Black Pepper Sauce before I added the goodies.

Toss on the grill for 7 minutes and that's dinner!

 (Elwood is a photo dive bomber)


yeah yeah yeah... ok.


Gin Mojito

We're lovin' us some Olympics around here ... 
and we're lovin' us some Gin Mojitos while we're watching the Olympics even more!

In addition to my serious avocado addiction this summer, I've also been on a major mint kick.
I've put it in salads, drinks and desserts every chance I get.

For these mojitos, I made a mint simple syrup 
(1 part sugar to 1 part water, add a bunch of fresh mint, simmer over med heat for 10 mins, chill.)

8ish mint leaves
1.5 oz gin
1 oz lime juice (I just use a big wedge)
.5 oz simple syrup
1 oz club soda
Muddle mint and lime in glass.  Add liquids, ice and stir.

 My mojito is ready when it looks more like a salad than a drink ...
nothing better.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad

We made this over the 4th ... what a hit!
I followed this recipe only making one change... 
I used Ranch for the dressing and added (lots of) blue cheese crumbles

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tassel Necklace

I really want one of these tassel necklaces!  I tried to find a tassel this weekend to make this necklace and couldn't find one this big... might need to search online.


How is it July??
3 weeks of dance camp are behind me and competition dance brain storming is in full force.
I had a carport-dinner-party for my fella's 29th birthday and didn't take a single picture.
I haven't cooked in a loooong time.  
It's been all grilling, salads and a mild obsession over avocados.
The backyard is sprouting grass and we added another huge project (of course).

This month, we're determined to head up to Presque Isle for a weekend.

Hooray for summer!