Monday, November 14, 2011

FINDS - tmr Greeting Cards

Finds Furniture Consignment opened on November 1st and it has been crazy busy ever since!
We are using only recycled shopping bags to go along with the upcycling theme of consignment furniture and home accessories.  
I have  a bunch and I've put out an email to family and friends to save their bags too.

Score 1 for being a bag hoarder.

We're also selling some neat one-of-a-kind items (the 'Finds' part of the shop) and I agreed to make greeting cards.  I hunkered down this past Sunday and banged out 18 cards in about 4 hours.  One more weekend of card making and I should be good to go.

Each card has a vintage detail...  a button, bead, sparkle or bauble.
Some of them are pretty random, but I made a bunch of cards that I would buy.  
I figured if I would buy them, someone else would too.

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