Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Costume Overload

31 dancers...
30 costumes with custom blinged Prince symbols
15 hours of sparkles and hot glue!

On top of:
5 bird costumes with custom tutu bustles
7 Lady Luck Halloween costumes transformed into dance costumes
6 lyrical costumes created out of tank tops
lots and lots of solo costumes sparkled, altered and customized
Gaga headbands made
Sparkle clips galore
feathers, sparkles, tulle, glue and love!
(not to mention, oh, ya know, the dancing)

We're days away from the showcase 
and a week away from the start of the competition season.
These weeks leading up to everything are hectic... but so worth it :)
The team looks great!

Also, the Comp Team shirt for this year ...
not my most awesome graphic design work, but really cute and fitting for this group

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