Friday, January 6, 2012

Challenge: Master Bedroom Pt. 3

Uh oh.
I was browsing The Perfect Palette* and I saw this color inspiration...
I feel like that tangerine-red color is calling my name and must be apart of this bedroom re-do.
Other update news:  In a happy accident, I completely forgot about an awesome retro piece of furniture I've had in storage for over 5 years that is going to put this room over the top!

A wall has been stenciled, the coolest chair ever has been purchased & cleaned, 
a super cheap art project has been completed,
and I've been painting my little heart out.

And while I was to be cleaning up the paint edges last night, I accidentally cleaned out my closet instead.  These are the things that delay my projects. 
But 3 giant bags for Good Will later and I'm feeling good.

We.  Are.  So.  Close...  
(unless I add in this awesome color)

*a note about The Perfect Palette.  This site is so awesome for color inspiration.  It's clearly meant for brides trying to choose color schemes, but I use it all the time for party inspiration, design inspiration, fashion inspiration and more.  View with caution... you'll want to redecorate everything.
Also, most people (myself included) are great at coming up with 2-3 colors they like together, but this site expands upon the basic 2-3 color schemes into pallets with 5-6 colors.  I love it.

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