Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Challenge: Master Bedroom Pt 2

Remember when I wanted to spruce up the master bedroom before Thanksgiving?  
Yeeeeah well that didn't happen.  
I took baby steps, but was crazy busy with other life happenings.

Well, while some families spend the day after Christmas relaxing and hanging out, 
we spent it busting a move towards the master bedroom goals!

Rugs were customized, walls were painted, bedding was purchased 
and many a thing was spray painted.  
A little sewing project, a wall stencil and one more painting project and I'll be ready to share!

Need a color teaser?
daffodil, charcoal, slate, guava, polished silver & white.
(mixed in with lots of natural woods and metallics)

I'm going to say it will be done by MLK day... Presidents day at the latest.
Fingers crossed!

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