Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas for the Woo

It's going to be a big Christmas morning around here for Elwood.
His stocking is stuffed and his presents are wrapped.
Eric and I will attempt to help him rip into each gift like morons, ooo-ing and ahh-ing while he looks at us like "you guys are nuts".  But hey, he's the little man around here and it's what we do.

He will be our little Christmas elf in a toasty-warm new fleece hoodie

A toy Holiday Dinner Plate with turkey, a baked potato, corn, asparagus
and a parker house roll all served up on a Frisbee
(available at Target)

Not to be outdone by the toy 'dinner' he'll have a real Christmas dinner of Steak Florentine.
(Also, this is one of the few brands of 'wet' dog food that doesn't totally gross me out.  Win win.)

And finally a bag of Fruitables Dog Treats.  
He is a pumpkin fanatic, thought we'd try these for a new treat.

Everyone always asks Eric and I what we're getting each other for Christmas...
and the answer is nothing!
We decided long ago to not exchange Christmas presents.  We're always buying/making things we like for the house, for ourselves and for each other... 
the element of unwrapping an item under the tree doesn't add much to the day for us.  
We celebrate Christmas day with lots of love, friends, family and fun (and champagne!) 
and that is more that enough to keep us happy :)

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