Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in a Nutshell

It was merry.  It was bright.  It was festive!
We did a good old run-around-see-everyone Christmas of yore.  
It's been a few years since we scheduled so much into 2 days, but it was a jolly good time.

Christmas Eve:
Brunch with the Shields crew: presents, laughter, stockings (!) and puppy cousins
Late afternoon/dinner with my second family in Tyrone: a festively dressed BABY, more presents, Asti, B&B surprises and fire truck Santa!

Late night party time with our good friends:  Annual Christmas puzzles, yummy late night munchies, personalized wine, lots of hugs and warm fuzzies.

Christmas Day:
Early morning cooking, cooking, cooking.  
My family at my house, monkey bread, more presents (we were spoiled this year) 
and more champagne.
Christmas movie and chill out time with the little sister and bro.
Pack the car scramble and rush over to Grammy's house for more cute-shoe wearing baby time, the most delicious dinner of all time, even more presents, a little more champagne, the best dessert I have ever "made" and a Christmas surprise of childhood ornament divvying.

Could not have been a better Christmas!

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