Sunday, December 11, 2011

Favorites at the Penn Ave II

What we’re digging right now at the Penn Ave:


It took me 2 episodes to get hooked on this new show.  Super cute Zooey Dechenal is hysterical and it’s nice to mix up my usual reality-show favorites with an actual scripted comedy.  It's laugh-out-loud by yourself funny.

If ever there was a polish that screamed holiday, it’s this color.

Speaking of Wine-ey…
Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir.  The best cheapie red I have ever found. 
We stock up this time of year for excessive merry-making.

Super awesome product.  You mist it on your freshly made-up face and you’re free to party the night away without ever needing a touch up.  Magic.


Eric is hooked, and it’s a deep love.  He can’t get enough of the iPad 2, especially for reading. NOOK & Amazon Aps = awesome.

As the kid who is allergic to most holiday sweet and treats, he looks forward to a jumbo pack of candy canes every year.  They have to be the original red & white peppermint variety though, none of the crazy flavors and weird colors at our house. 

It’s football season.  ‘Nuff said.
You can find Eric and Elwood planted on the couch every Sunday rooting for the home team (aka excessive screaming followed by excessive napping).  Toss in a plate of nachos and he might ignore me for a good 6 hours.


These granola and apple flavored chewies bring out his inner hippie.  
It takes him weeks to eat one and he loves ‘em.

SÖT BARNSLIG (Mini Ikea Toys)

These pint sized plush toys are perfect for The Woo to drag all over the house.  
The best part is they are super cheap ($0.49)  
 I just throw them away when they get groody and toss him a new one.

When it’s too cold for long walks in the woods, it’s too cold for a bath. The Woo stays fresh with a quick wipe down with Earthbath wipes.  Squeaky clean goodness.

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