Friday, October 21, 2011

Soda Shop Bop Prop

The small fryz at the dance studio are doing a Soda Shop Bop for their competition jazz dance this year to Sh-Boom by the Taffetas. 

Well, I decided they needed a prop (of course I did, ha)
So I'm making them little waitress trays and ice cream sodas!

The Materials:
plastic (princess) kids plate
pink paper 'filler'
plastic ice-cream or parfait glass
white bath scrubbie
mini red Christmas ornaments
pink straws
tacky glue
hot glue
red glitter
plastic spray paint primer
silver metallic spray paint
the patience of a saint

This is not a quick project.  It is something to tackle while there is an awesome TV marathon on, preferably an old season of Project Runway!

All of the ice cream soda components were purchased at the Dollar Tree & Lowes, with the exception of the plastic cups which were ordered here $6 for a sleeve of 20
(Nothing pushes creativity more than a tiny budget)

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