Saturday, October 22, 2011

Favorites at the Penn Ave

What we're digging right now at the Penn Ave:


I used to only be able to find these at Trader Joe's, 
but now Target has them and the obsession is back in full force!  
They are so spicy-ginger-y good.

  Hands down the best color of this fall.  Love love loooove it.

I've always loved me some Burt's Bees.  
Hibiscus has the perfect hint of color -- 
I swear, a swipe of this and some mascara 
and it's like I actually put on make up for dance class.

I wear this Active line from Old Navy like it's going out of style.  
It is the most durable, comfortable active 'yoga' pieces I have found. 
(and it's ON, so the price is right)
Perfect for dance.  Perfect for lounging.  Perfect for my life.

Mrs. Meyers products are a staple in our home.
This seasonal Orange-Clove scent is extra awesome.  Loving it in our kitchen right now.


Seasonal Beers ... all the more reason to drink and be merry!
This one is extra delish.

At the first sign of chilly weather, Eric breaks out the arsenal of plaid  button-downs.
Favorites are from Urban Outfitters.

   When it's too cold to ride a gazillion miles on his road bike, Eric hits Planet Fitness while I hit the dance studios.  It's a purple and yellow good time.

   Another chilly weather staple.  Easy, cool style to hang out and stay warm.
(especially since there have been days the 
penguins could comfortably march through our house)  

When he's not sporting the beanie, 
Eric's perfect faux-hawk is achieved with Got 2 Be Styling Glue.  
We have a closet full of rejected mens hair styling waxes, pomades, gels and sprays.  
This apparently is the winner.


This is the Woo's second year sporting the Pup Crew Fleece.
They are super cute and warm for our little pup.

Talk about a spoiled doggie.  Elwood has acquired a taste for pumpkin.
We give him a taste when we're making our favorite pumpkin dishes and he loves it.
Not surprising since his other favorite thing is sweet potato.
Elwood has tried all of the Beneful prepared meals, but this one is his favorite.
One container lasts him about 4 dinners - but if it were up to him, he'd scarf more down!

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