Thursday, October 13, 2011

Project Runway: Calling it now!

I'm obsessed with Project Runway this year.  We (PR and I) almost broke up when Anthony Ryan was "Auf Wiedersehen-ed" outta there waaaaay too early.  

(He's still an all-time favorite of mine.)

And I wasn't thrilled tonight when Laura got the kiss of death as well.

(I just think Nina hated her.  I still totes love her and her semi-bad 70's style)

 Of the remaining four designers, only three will show at Fashion Week.
Yadda yadda yadda, drama, suspense, yadda.

I think Anya is totally going to win the whole enchilada.

  (Yeah, she can't sew, but she's cute, different and has killer design skills and style.)

I actually love Viktors clothes the most, but he'll have a career with or without Project Runway.  There just isn't a reality show reason for him to win.
(I'll buy all of his clothes when he puts out his line for Target. ha)

As far as the final collection 'showdown' and who will show at fashion week drama...
It's going to come down to Josh M & Kimbery.
Josh because American loves to see him cry (I just love his Ken Doll hair) and Kimberly because she has the personality of a kumquat and her clothes are forgettable.

Showdown winner? Meh, I'll say Josh M.

Note: I'm usually 100% wrong when it comes to Reality TV predictions. 
I will venomously deny making all of the above statements when confronted with the final outcome.  Just sayin'.

Other unfortunate Reality Show obsessions of the moment:  Work of Art, Top Chef (Just Desserts), Real Housewives of any county, Rachel Zoe & Dance Moms.  Also a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, Sheer Genius, America's Best Dance Crew & America's Next Top Model when they are in season.
Clearly, I love me some Bravo.

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