Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Dinners - Mexican Rice

Wednesday's are usually my day for 'one-pot-wonder' dinners.

It needs to be something I can throw together quickly...
Something that is ready for me to take to dance for my sister...
Something that will still be delicious when Eric gets home and reheats it for dinner...
And something that I will want for lunch the next day.

Sometimes I use the crock pot, sometimes I make salads, 
but at least one Wednesday a month
I make Mexican Rice.

I prepare one package of Spanish Rice from the box (any brand)
It usually calls for 1 can of diced tomatoes before popping the lid on to let it cook.
(I do this even if the directions do not call for it)
When the rice is cooked, I add 1 can of drained black beans, 1 cup of frozen corn 
and 2 chicken breast that have been cooked and sliced.
Stir everything together.
I divvy up the rice into 4 Tupperware containers, sprinkle with a little cheese 
and it's ready for reheating.

Could not be easier!

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