Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

Talk about blogs I can't get enough of ... The Pioneer Woman aka Ree Drummond is one of 3 blogs that started me on my blog-kick about 6 years ago.  I mainly follow her for her amazing recipes (she's even on Food Network now!) but I also love her thoughtful writing, sneak-peeks into Oklahoma ranch life and aaamazing giveaways.  
We love her cookbook at The Penn Ave and are highly anticipating her 2nd book.
There isn't a week that goes by that I don't email something from her blog to friends or family.

She is also the master mind behind Tasty Kitchen... My go-to recipe inspiration site.  It's like a concentrated Pinterest for all things food related.  Amazing. 

Another 'must read' for me.
(Did I mention that she home schools her 4 kids, used to be a vegetarian ((who married a cattle rancher)) and is a former ballerina who loves all things Broadway?)  She's basically my hero.

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