Friday, February 10, 2012

Homemade Dog Food

Elwood eats when we eat... or at least when I'm standing around in the kitchen.  
He always has dry food in his bowl (so grateful don't have to monitor this!) and he gets a tablespoon of wet dog food when we sit down for dinner.  
I buy a lot of his food, but I love to make it myself when I have the time.

Today I had a surprise afternoon off so it was time to make some dog food!

I did 2 different combinations:
Peas, carrots, brown rice & chicken with pureed peas
Green beans, sweet potatoes, star pasta and chicken with pureed pumpkin

It costs so much less to make it myself and I know it's better for him :)
One container lasts him 4 dinners... I was able to make 8 containers today for $10.
We freeze the containers and pull them out as needed.

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