Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chicken and Dumplings

Friday I had the whole day off (what?!)
 Nowhere to be, nothing on the schedule and no one counting on me for anything at all. 

My big plans included attacking the laundry and making something delicious for dinner.
It's so homey and warm and it's the kind of dish that makes the house smell amazing.

I follow her basic recipe, changing just a few things:
I only used half and half, not heavy cream.
I totally used a cheater chicken (it's still delicious!), so I just start with the veggies in the pot.
And I really like turmeric, so I add a smidge more.
Lastly, don't skip the apple cider... it's beyond yummy.
 (This pic is from PW, we were too busy gobbling and I forgot to take a picture!)

Hooray for days off and winter comfort food!

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