Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vegetarian Dinners - Tostadas

Last week Eric and I soaked up some sun and enjoyed dinner outside.

I am all about quick dinners and at least a few days a week we eat vegetarian.

One of my favorite go-to quick vegetarian dinners is Mexican Tostadas.  
There is practically no cooking involved and they are super delicious!

I lay out tostadas on a cookie sheet and heat them in the oven at 350 for 7-ish minutes.
At the same time, I heat the can of refried beans on the stove.

In the 7 minutes it takes to 'cook' dinner, I toss all of the toppings* on the table, crack open a Corona and slice up a lime.

From there it's a 'build-your-own' dinner.
One of our favorites :)

*some of our favorite toppings include:
salsa (fresh or from the jar)
sour cream
red onion
and lots of hot sauce

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