Thursday, April 5, 2012

Give Me The Rainbow

It's almost Recital Season around here!

For my youngest ballet class, we're dancing to Give Me The Rainbow by Jewel... 

and they needed rainbows.

This was my inspiration picture found here

12" pieces of ribbon
I used 2 of each color Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink and Purple

White felt

Cardboard stencil

Thin Sharpie

Glue gun

Cotton balls

Craft sticks

Votive candle

I traced my stencil onto the felt and cup out 24 clouds (I'm making 12 rainbows)

I glued my ribbon to the inside of the cloud for durability 

I stuffed each cloud with a few cotton balls and a craft stick
and then hot glued the edges of the 2 clouds together.

I also melted the ends of my ribbon with the votive candle to prevent fraying.

Tada...  rainbow!

One down, 11 to go :)

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